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On the simplest level, Craft Sourcing Collective exists to connect the craft beverage community with a premium, best-in-value supplier base so you can concentrate on what matters most: the delicious, libatious liquid you’re making. While you do that, we’re here to help facilitate, negotiate contracts, and execute any and all of your operational, packaging, distributing and marketing needs.

As a member, you have the freedom to pick and choose from a diverse portfolio of suppliers and services. Get a better idea of what we can do for you and your company below.

Supply Management

Connect to all of the best vendors and suppliers out there. We can help you every step of the way with contracts, supply negotiations, planning, process mapping and sourcing raw materials. Leave the side-by-side comparisons, background checks and product testing to us — our procurement experience is a major advantages.

Tap In To: Hops • Hop Oil


Gain better distribution and lower your overall shipping and transportation costs. Contracts with our vendors will make it more cost-effective to get your product out and into the hands of craft fans all across the nation.

Tap In To: Freight • Shipping Options


Make your product stand out even more on the shelf and in bars. Whether you want to create new packaging or rebrand your current packaging, a creative team with printing expertise is here to make your final product look as awesome as it tastes. We can do the following and more for you: Packaging Design & Copy, Branding Consultation, Press Checks, Packaging Innovation, and Printing Techniques.

Tap In To: Labels • Six-Packs • Four-Packs • Caseboxes, Cork & Cage • Kegs • Glass • Cans


Receive group purchasing discounts and leasing contracts on low-to-high ticket items. These contracts will allow you to secure better equipment for all of your production needs and stay in the know with all of the latest industry innovations and shiny offerings.

Tap In To: Laboratory Products • Equipment Leasing options


We can help you recruit, train and manage your sales team. Whether you need to build a sales force from the ground up, augment your existing team, or revamp your whole sales process, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Tap In To: Outsourced Sales Team • Sales Management • CRM Software

Facility Expansion

Acquire and design bigger, better or additional locations for any and all of your operational needs. Location really is everything, and we have the expertise and knowhow to find and develop the perfect space for you.

Tap In To: Office Supplies • Furniture • Site-Scouting • Budgeting • Planning

Branding & Marketing

Creatively promote your brand in a myriad of different mediums and channels — from social media and web to point-of-sales pieces and retail sales programs to larger brand campaign ideas. Allow us to think big and small to flawlessly execute all of the little details that matter and make a difference.

Tap In To: Packaging Design & Copy • Point of Sales Products (Tap Handles, Coasters, LED Lights, Signs, Tackers, Neckers, etc), Stickers, Merchandise